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Weekly Programmes

Literacy and Mentoring Programme (LAMP)

The Edu-Aid Literacy and Mentoring Programme (LAMP) is a foundational programme for Primary 1- 3 pupils (mentees) to introduce them to individuals (mentors) who will instill in them right values while also promoting early reading and writing skills. The main objective is the development of character and promotion of literacy in the children of our beneficiary schools.

Every Thursday from 12:30PM-2PM

Leadership Book Club

The role of the Leadership Book Club Academy is to expose our Brilliant Minds in the primary 5 and 6 classes to a progressive reading and writing culture in a fun learning environment, while grooming them for future leadership roles by continuous exposure to the values of good character, and taking responsibility early.

Tuesdays & Wednesdays from 1:30PM-3PM

Art and Design Sub-Team

The Edu-Aid Arts and Design Development Academy is designed to benefit ALL Primary Four pupils in our beneficiary schools and Primary Five and Six pupils who are already beneficiaries of the Leadership Program in select schools.

Our main objective is to harness the creative energy in young children and help develop in them adequate skillsets necessary for entrepreneurial leadership.

Wednesdays from 1:30PM-3PM

Numeracy Engineering Science and Technology (NEST) Team

The NEST is a foundation laying program that builds solid fundamental skills in public primary school pupils by exposing and teaching them, Mathematics (Numeracy), Basic Engineering, Science and Technology, in order to give them the opportunity for an excellent start in life, and to prepare them, as nation builders, who will proffer cutting edge scientific and technological solutions in Nigeria and globally.

Every Saturday from 11-1PM (for Primary 5 Students)