To facilitate access to quality primary level education in a conducive learning environment for as many children as possible

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Our Objectives

Adopting a two-pronged approach, Edu-Aid seeks to :

Give children enrolled in public primary schools an excellent start in education.

Develop and equip children with the skills, knowledge, qualities and character traits required to make a positive difference in their generation.

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Management Team

Edu-Aid is run and managed by two tiers of government namely: The Management Team and G9 Team (Advisory Committee). Both tiers of government are overseen by the Founder and Chief Executive Officer in person of Pastor ‘Poju Oyemade. A board of Trustees is in place to advice the Founder as necessary.

Management Team

The management team is headed by the Program Coordinator (Head of Department/Chief Operating Officer). S/he is assisted by the Program Officer (General Manager), who is on a full time engagement with EDUAID, manages the office administration and executes all the programs approved by the Program Coordinator. The third part of the Management Team are the School Officers, Program Heads and Team Leaders that form the School Management Team (SMT).

The G9

The G9 is an advisory committee of Edu-Aid. This team of wise men and women are senior and well versed members of EDUAID and Covenant Christian Center and provide advice on pertinent issues to the Project Coordinator/Management Team.